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  Your Beauty Friends

   Welcome to BC Salon, 
We came to Morristown in 2010, prior we were located in Florham Park for many years. Morristown is a unique town where you have small & big business's. We have been honored how we've been welcomed with open arms from our guests and other local small business. It's like having an extended family of great friends. 
Inside BC Salon you will also feel a unique experience. We have created a culture of a relaxed, professional & fun atmosphere. While we know you will always have your favorite stylist however, you will quickly learn about each artist on staff because each guest that walks through our door is everyone's client. 
This year, you will experience some new & innovative ways we will be doing business. Our plan is to provide each guest with a personalized visit with us along with some fun events throughout the year. Since we know everyone has limited time we will also be offering booking on line and purchasing your favorite products from the comfort of your home. Throughout 2019 we are commiting to becoming a "Green" salon, by moving towards an organic approach. We already carry the Davines product line which is one of the few beauty lines to become B Corp certified, and we will continue to move towards an organic approach. Let's face it, we are all concerned about the environment and what we personally use on ourselves. By the end of the year our goal is to be as "Green" as possible by offering sustainable products and by having a full recycle system in place. 
When you visit with us for the 1st or 10th time if you feel these expectations are not met please contact one of us directly.  We genuinely embress your feedback. 
Thank you, Billy & Cara 
BC Salon is our home away from home and we hope you make it yours! 







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